Admissions 2018

Applicant calendar

Acceptance of applications for UNT and holding of UNT

10th of March – 10th of May

20th of June – 1st of July

Acceptance of applications for complex testing and creative specialties

1st of June – 20th of June

20th of June – 7th of July

Creative examination

 July 8 – 13

Complex testing of applicants

July 17 – 23

Acceptance of application for the award of educational grants

 July 23 – 31

Acceptance of applications for testing of postgraduate education

July 10 – 28

Examination of postgraduate education

August 10 -20

Acceptance of application for repeated complex testing

August 1-8

Repeated complex testing

August 19-24

Examination for admission to pedagogical specialties

20th of July -18th of August

Admission to higher educational institution

August 10 - 28



1. An appeal is submitted by the applicant on completion of complex testing until 13:00 the next day after the announcement of the test results and is considered by the appeal commission within 24 hours.

2. The applicant must have his identity card, permit to complex testing.  

The admission application to the selection committee of KazNU named after Al-Farabi must be accompanied by:


  • certificate or diploma of basic vocational (technical and vocational) or secondary vocational (post-secondary) educational institution (original);
  • 3 х 4 photos – 6 pcs;
  • Medical certificate form 086-U;
  • A copy of the form 063 (immunization chart);
  • Certificate of UNT and complex testing;
  • Certificate of educational grant (if available);
  • a copy of the identity card.

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