Admissions 2018

Admission regulations

Admission regulations

Admission to the specialized school KazNU Al-Farabi pupils of 10-11 grades enrolled in the program of school education on a competitive basis according to the results of entrance examinations in accordance with the Rules of admission to the profile school, approved by the First Vice-Rector.

Admission to the specialized school KazNU is developed by the School annually under the Model Rules of admission to educational organizations that implement educational curriculum of basic secondary, general secondary education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Admission to the training of pupls of 10-11form is carried out taking into account of pupls’ interests, aptitudes and abilities when choosing a profile of training on the basis of personal statements of students with the consent of the legal representatives of the students and the availability of state documents on the level of basic secondary education, excluding the territory of residence of students.

Acceptance of applications begins after the presentation of the document of the state sample on the level of basic secondary education.

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