Science and innovations

Science and innovations


The purpose of the Research and Innovation Activity Department is to contribute to most efficient use of the scientific and intellectual potential of al-Farabi KazNU, as well as to the complex development of scientific-research and scientific-industrial activities for increase of efficiency of Scientific Research and Development Works’ results and training quality, organization of innovative activities, realization of educational programs and strengthening of the international cooperation of scientists and experts. 

The Department includes research divisions of the University and its faculties: scientific research institutes, Scientific Centers, Scientific-Technological Park, National Nanolaboratory etc., the Research Activity Division, Innovative Activity Division and Certification of the Scientific Staff Division.  

The head collegial governing body of the Department is the Scientific and Technical Council on Scientific Research Activity (STS on SRA), acting on the basis of Regulations on Coordination Council on SRA.

Muhambetzhanov Serik

 Director of the Department of science and innovation