Distance learning
Advantages of studying using DLT

Advantages of studying using DLT

The financial issue

Numerous studies shows that the costs of travel and accommodation to another city could be reduced by almost 50% (hull, 1997). A student will not have to pay for travel, accommodation, and in the case of foreign universities do not need to spend money for a visa and passport. If you compare the tuition at each of the specialty on a commercial basis personnaly and remotely, then the second will be cheaper.

Foreign experience

If we turn to foreign experience, we find that in the US 51% of educational services are providing through the Internet. And all students of American University are required to pass at least 1 course using Internet technologies.

Saving time

According to research by Fletcher, distance learning saves 35 to 40% of time  than conventional College education. Students studying remotely can decide himself when and how much time focus on the study material during the semester.

The opportunity to study at your own pace

Students who learning at distance do not need to worry that they will fall behind their classmates. You can always go back to study the difficult issues, several times watch video lectures, read the correspondence with the teacher and already known things you can skip. Most importantly, successfully pass the intermediate and final certification.

Individual approach

In traditional teaching for teacher it is quite difficult to give necessary attention to each students group, and to adapt to the pace of work of each student. The use of remote technologies helps to work with the teacher as much as its possible.